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Mehul Gandhi - Certified Financial Planner - Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network - Surrey BC - Victoria BC
Mehul Gandhi, CFP
Managing Partner
Certified Financial Planner
180 - 9655 King George Highway
Surrey, BC
V3T 0C7

Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network Mission

Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) supports its representatives. They are the cornerstone of our mission, vision and values.


DFSIN has the mission of providing, through a recognized network, business development services to its associates working to meet the changing financial needs of their clients.


DFSIN wants to be recognized as:

  • the industry “benchmark” in terms of representatives business development;
  • a company characterized by a special relationship with its associates and a strong feeling of belonging;
  • a growing company with an increasing sales force;
  • an important group of financial advisors recognized for their skills and professionalism.



DFSIN recognizes that its associates’ success is based on entrepreneurship, and it is committed to helping them develop their businesses.

Integrity and Loyalty

Trust and integrity are the basis of the mutual respect existing between DFSIN and its associates. We want to earn and keep our associates’ loyalty, therefore, we are committed to them and to the quality of the services we offer.

Professionalism and Competence

DFSIN offers its associates quality support so that they will become known for their expertise and skills.

Customer-based Focus

Customers are the raison d’être of the associates of DFSIN. The network products and services are founded on a comprehensive, integrated and progressive approach to meeting the financial needs of its customers. It has introduced programs that encourage the frequency and quality of contact between its associates and their customers.